Holy crap!

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Holy crap!

My ticker is on the next to last baby! And since he's due the 1st theres a good chance he could be here in Sept. Thats next month. Next month guys! Ok, mini spaz out over lol.

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Omg! Crazy I just had a omg moment this morning....i realized i will have a sept baby no matter what since my doc won't let me go until 40 weeks at my apt tomorrow I wanna ask at what week will he schedule me. I would really like to bake these twins as long as possible but 37-38 weeks would be nice Smile

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It does sound closer when I think some of these babes could be here next month, still I wish I could hybernate until October! I am sooo tired aaaalll the time! I say bring on the babies Smile

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I am kinda stuck in the middle when it comes to feeling like this pregnancy has flown by or it has ticked by slowly. With a different day, You'll get a different answer. Though, I do feel like my time being hospitalized has flown by. In the blink of an eye, we will all have beautiful lovely babies in our arms.

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It is crazy.

Did you see that one of the November mamas already had her little guy at 26 weeks? That really makes it hit home that our babies could start coming soon (though I'm hoping they'll all be full term).

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Andrea I was thinking that as soon as we hit August. Both my previous BBs have had a pre-30 week preemie so I'm sure that there is a really good chance we will have our first Oct arrival this month. Obviously I hope they all bake longer but I wouldn't be surprised if our first Harvest Honey arrived in Aug.

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Keep baking Harvest Honey's! We are all getting so close. Smile

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Crazy to think our babies will be here in a blink of an eye! With my son my ticked never made it to the last baby since he was early. I would love to keep the twinkies baking as long as possible but with my situation so far I wouldn't be surprised if I was the one who had August babies.