Hoping I might be here

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Hoping I might be here

I'm hoping that I might be here though I'm thinking more like November at the earliest. We go to the RE on Monday and I'll be around CD12 I think at the time. I'm not sure if there's anything that they can do for this cycle but hopefully we'll get a good plan for next cycle. We're still going to try this cycle of course and see what happens. Maybe we'll get lucky and get a happy surprise for the New Year! Good luck to everyone! I hope there are LOTS of BFPs! Smile

After typing this I went and entered in the date I would expect AF this month if I don't get a BFP and it looks like I could be in October for next cycle even if it doesn't work this cycle so I guess I'll be hanging out here for a while. Smile That makes me happy.

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Yayyy !! In also hoping to be here!!! Welcome!

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Yay! and Good luck Smile I'm in a similar boat that even if I don't make it this cycle (assuming my body gets back on track) and I do next one, my EDD would be Nov 2nd or something so I'll hang out here for a bit too!

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Hey Leah! I keep following you! Hopefully we will both be able to put down roots here Smile

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Hiya Leah! I've been following you on Aug/Sept board(s) journey (lurking) with all my fingers and toes crossed!! So sorry it's taking so long but hopefully this will be your lucky month. Smile Glad to meet you!

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Hi Leah! I can't wait to hear how your RE appt goes! Keep us posted.

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Thanks so much ladies! I'm glad to be here! I hope this is the month for us all and this dreaded wait will be over. I feel much better about things this month. I'm not sure if it's because of the RE or if it's because of the holidays being over and knowing we don't have to put on a show for anyone or be upset around the holidays or what but I really feel so much better this time around. I even managed not to test last month. I waited to see if AF would show and she did and I was way less upset doing that and not just getting BFNs. That'll be my goal this time too. Smile So trying to be good and optimistic.