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I am so ashamed! I am that crazy, irrational, overly emotional pregnant lady that always scared the crap out of me! I feel like I cry about EVERYTHING!! I get so stressed and emotional about everything little thing and I am driving myself crazy! I haven't been this bad with any of my other pregnancys and I really don't know how to handle myself! I'm getting on my own nerves cause the rational side of me just wants to slap myself and yell at me to get a grip! And then the emotional pregnant side gets their feelings hurt cause the other side was mean to me. hahahaha Anyone else feeling super hormonal and emotional?? Please tell me I'm not alone.

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me. Me. ME!!! It's driving me crazy. I was taking anti-anxiety/depressants after my DD was born and stopped them when I started TTC. I'm thinking I may need them again after baby. Don't know if I can while breast feeding though. Anyway, yes. My mood swings are unbearable.

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I have my days where I'm waaaay more emotional than normal - but those days aren't too often. Sorry you're having such a hard time. I would def talk to your care provider at your next appt. Just because there can be pregnancy depression. Maybe it's something they can help with.

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Im sooo the same way! Last night was super bad trying to deal with my 2 year old! I was actually crying! I have def been a lot more emotional lately!

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the craziest things have made me cry lately ..... Dolphin tale movie, certain songs I will be glad when my hormones get back to normal!!!!!