How is everyone sleeping?

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How is everyone sleeping?

I am so uncomfortable in bed. I've tried every pillow combination available in my house and my back is killing me by the morning. Not to mention that I get up on average every 2.5 hours to pee. With my first pregnancy, I borrowed a recliner from a friend and slept in it for the last couple of months. It was the only way I could get comfortable enough to get any sleep. I'm afraid I'm going to have to do that again - - sooner rather than later.

We are buying a rocker/recliner for the nursery this time around, however, we haven't gotten it yet. Last time I just had one of those glider with ottoman chairs in the nursery and it was so uncomfortable. Try falling asleeep with baby on your chest in one of those - - not good. I don't recommend them.

Anyway, how's everyone else doing with sleep?

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I'm sleeping ok. This is my first child so my belly isn't too big and I've only had back pain one night that I can think of. Other than getting up to pee at least 2 times a night, I'm ok. I hope you find some comfort!

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Once I get comfortable I sleep pretty well. Most nights I wake once to use the bathroom but some nights I just wake with a REALLY full bladder in the morning. I have a Leacho Back and Belly pillow that I bought with my first pregnancy. It's not quite as luxurious as it was with the first one bc it's not as plush. It's gotten flatter but it still does help.

It is difficult and uncomfortable to flip from one side to the other but once I'm there I'm good. I can't complain too much about sleep at this point. But I sleep like a rock normally so once I'm out I'm usually OUT!

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I have a Snoogle this time around and I am in love with it. I was all about pillow mountains with my other two so this is so nice. I wake up maybe twice a night on average, sometimes because I have to pee, other times my eyes just fly open for no reason and it takes like an hour to get back to sleep.

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I sleep like crud most nights. I am up at least 2-3 times a night to go to the bathroom and when I go I swear its like I haven't gone all day.
I can't sleep on my back because the pressure on my belly and back is to great. I can't sleep on my belly so I flip between sides all night. And even at that I can't just flip around easily. I switched DH sides of the bed so I can just roll off the side of it LOL
I have been going to be around 9:30p just because I'm so tired by the end of the day.

I seriously am dreading the last few months because with DD I go this pain in my hips like they would get numb and be incredibly painful and uncomfortable. I hope that doesn't happen this time.

I am just using a body pillow between my legs to help.

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Not TOO bad, the worst part is all of the dreams, I feel like I must be having really restless sleep.. Plus its hard to fall asleep @ night, then Kevins alarm goes off super early, then Brody has been waking up SOOOOO EARLY lately!!! So basically I'm super tired, but it hasnt gotten too uncomfortable yet, I just straddle a body pillow haha