I Blacked out ON an airplane!

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I Blacked out ON an airplane!

Wow, are you guys ready to hear a crazy story!?

So, some of you might remember that my DH is away in Oklahoma city for work the next 10 weeks (7 now). I went to go visit him without the kids, it was like a mini vacation. We had a great time together and I miss him already. That being said, let me get to the good part. On the trip over everything was fine. I was thinking about how wonderful the trip was without having to fly with children and how i could just sit in peace! On the way back I had 1 stop off in dallas. My first trip was at 6am so I had to be at the airport at 4 thanks to spring break. Of course the first flight was late making me have to run to catch the next plane in dallas to fly back to tampa. I never got to grab anything to eat and was starving! I fell asleep the first 30 min of the second flight. When i woke up i started to feel really Sick, so I looked around for a barf bag. The guy in front of me decide not to shower that day and smelled like BO. After panicking not being able to find a bag to puke in I decided I was going to try and make it to the bathroom. I started sweating profusely as i slowly made my way down what seemed like the longest aisle ever. All of a sudden the aisle started to get really narrow and black, i remember people starring at me and this one guy saying "Are you ooooooo kkkkkkkkk?" The next thing I know I woke up to people screaming "HELP" and all the lights going on calling for an attendant "DINGGGG" Someone picked me up and took me to the back of the plane. I had fallen and hit my head on one of the arm rests so my head was killing me. Long story short they gave me some ice and food. I have never blacked out in my whole life. It kinda feels like it was a movie and didn't really happen. I refused to go to the doctor when i got off the plane so I had to fill out a ton of paperwork. What a crazy end to a wonderful trip! Sorry for the novel Smile


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wow! That would be so scary. I haven't ever blacked out either but on a place would even scarier. even for the people around you! How were the plane hosts? Were they helpful and kind?

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wow hun that is very scary I am glad you are ok. I am sure it had to do with not eating maybe your blood sugar got low or something.Glad you had a good trip otherwise. I had it happen once around 24 weeks with DD( at oldnavy) And around 16 weeks with Ds( at a campground ). Not entirely sure what caused it but it was scary as heck!

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They were so nice actually very helpful and understanding. I think i gave the passengers a heart attack. I would freak out if i saw this Super young looking 30 year old hit the floor Wink haha

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Oh my gosh, how scary!! Glad you are ok!!

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Holy scary! Oh man thats a crazy flight back you made their trip more interesting though I guess. I'm glad your ok

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Wow!! That sounds like it wad awful!! Glad ur ok now!! Maybe u got too hungery?

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Holy crap that would be scary to have happen! I have never blacked out either though I've been close while pg like my vision narrowing w/ black but I always recover. I'm glad you're okay!! And glad you had a great time w/ dh!

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Wow. I think you need to start carrying a snack in your purse. I'm glad you're okay and you had a great visit with DH.