I don't feel pregnant

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I don't feel pregnant

I'm due October 30, 2012 and some days I just don't feel pregnant. Does this happen to anyone else?

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Yup! Totally normal. I remember feeling really worried with my first and second. This time I can't wait for the day I don't feel nauseated!

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Yes, happened to me with my first the entire time until I could feel him. It has been happening recently too now that I'm feeling better. I was relieved to have an appt yesterday and hear the hb again. Won't be long you'll be feeling that LO!

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We're due the same day Smile I was actually super paranoid in the beginning because I didn't feel preg at all. With all my others, the tiredness hit immediately and the queasiness started between 5-6 weeks. We saw a heartbeat at 6 weeks but when I still didn;t feel anything at 7 weeks, I called my OB. She had me come in for another u/s just to put my mind at ease. Saw a perfectly healthy bean Smile The slight queasiness started a few days later but it was never bad at all and I only had it here and there. This has been my easiest preg by far as far as symptoms go. I should be glad but it only made me stress. I realized though that every pregnancy is different and even after 5, you can still experience more or less symptoms. I've had an u/s at every appt so I know everything is fine. I think once I start feeling my LO move, I'll be able to relax more.