I don't know why I'm doing this

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I don't know why I'm doing this

Hi ladies! I'm Amber, DH is Chris, we have 2 sweet little boys. We've had 2 m/c's, the last one this past Oct. And I seem to have gotten a super faint bfp today at 10 dpo! I'm very, very hesitant to join another BB since I may very well have to leave it, but I'm going to give it a try. Smile Based on when I O'd my EDD would be Oct. 1, but I'm sure my doc will put it in Sept based on lmp, but I know shes wrong lol.

So heres hoping I get to stick around and get to know all you ladies! Biggrin

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Congrats! Biggrin I just had a m/c in Sept so I'm quite nervous too, I understand how you feel!

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YAYAY!! So glad you're here!!

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yay congrats! I saw your test on the do you see a line board and TTC 0-24 months Smile YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

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Congratulations!! Yahoo Sending lots of sticky baby dust your way!!

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Congrats!! Sticky dust to you.

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Congrats! I hope more of us will soon be following in your footsteps. Smile

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