I got hurt, freak home accident

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I got hurt, freak home accident

We just got home from Babies R Us, having a good day. Hubby had dropped us off to go to another BRU since the store we were at had 0 stock. So basically he leaves me to put the kids to bed. I'm in the bathroom and hear my 6 year old screaming "Help, help". I go rushing in the room to see his big dresser toppled on top of him. Totally freaked and had to lift this huge heavy dresser off of him because he was trapped underneath. Luckily it had hit another dresser and didn't fall straight down! So I heaved this thing off and now I hurt my lower back with minor cramping. Thankfully my son has minor injuries to his knee, whew!

I am hoping I won't need a trip to the ER....::fingers crossed::. We had just rearranged their bedroom and didn't get around to bolting the dresser to the wall yet. Now I know better...bolt furniture to the wall ASAP and that goes for the nursery dressers too. Yup...lesson learned.

P.S. And here I was thinking the 3rd pregnancy was going to be uneventful!

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Jennifer! How scary! I'm glad that there were no serious injuries to your son and hope all goes well with you as well! Take it easy!


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Yikes! That is something that scares me so much. I'm glad your son is ok and I hope you are too! Take care!

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I'm much better today - and we will be surely installing the tether to that dresser. Plus any nursery furniture.

On the plus side, I got a 20% off one item coupon at BRU plus a $50 gift card from our big shopping trips last night, so it's back to BRU again. Smile

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Oh my gosh! Glad you're feeling better today and your son only had minor injuries!

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That's so scary! Glad you guys are OK!
On my sons BB somebody just posted something similar, a dresser fell over ontop of her daughter and almost killed her, she was really scared and got hurt but is still alive!!
Made me decide to bolt my shelves and such to the wall!!

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Yikes how scary, glad your son and you are ok. I would have freaked that is super scary!!!!