I have the sweetest little girls <3

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I have the sweetest little girls <3

We told our girls this weekend that I'm having another baby. They are very excited, although I think my youngest is slightly confused, lol. This morning, m/s reared it's ugly heads and as soon as my girls heard me, they rushed right in to see how I was, rubbed my back and my youngest offered me one of her juice boxes (which are prized to her because I never buy them, lol!). They are so so sweet :love1:

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Awe how sweet of them. Just the gesture alone even though you were sick hopefully made you feel a little better Smile

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Aww how sweet of them!

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Your girls are sweet! Don't you just love kids?

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That is so sweet....I started crying while reading your post. GESH! My emotions are crazy these days. Smile LOL

How did you tell them? Did you do anything creative or special or did you just say "we're having another baby"?

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Thanks ladies Smile

Dawn, no special way. My teenage nephew actually blurted it out at dinner (we were at our inlaws for my FIL's 60th birthday) and my oldest goes "Mommy is not having another baby!" and I replied, "Actually, Mommy is" and they got really excited (my oldest wants a baby brother SO bad, lol!)

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AWW!!! I dont think my son is quite old enough to get it yet, except he randomly started telling people we were going to have a baby before I even mentioned it to him or found out I was preggo,haha, good thing he thinks they come from the baby store!! Smile

One day he tried to rub my BBS and said he was rubbing the baby, I said that's not even my belly!! hahah.

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awww how sweet! I have told my kids yet, once I do I am sure the entire world will know esp since my 8 year old loves to tell all !