It's been awhile....

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It's been awhile....

As some of you lady's know, I lost a baby around Easter that was suppose to be due this month.


We are expecting again!!!! Smile
Just found out a few days ago. Which is weird... The bany we lost was due in oct and we found out we were prwgnant in oct!! I'm not really sure when I'm due and all that. I think June. Haven't even been to the dr yet.

I was excited and just wanted to let u all know!!

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Congrats Smile what a precious gift Smile

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Congrats Star!!! Biggrin

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Congrats!! I remember you! I'm so happy for you. I'm glad you stopped in to share your good news! HH9M!!!

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Thank u! Smile

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Congratulations! Best wishes for a HH9M!!!!

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Congrats!! That's so exciting! What a perfect month to find out :):)