It's not too late....

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It's not too late....

If you are planning a natural birth and would like some support and to meet some awesome women please check out the Natural Birthing board! Join us and get a lodge set up so we can follow your journey with you!

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I wish Sad I found myself watching/researching home births more than the hospital birth I am defintley going to have.

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I joined. We're planning a natural hospital birth. Biggrin Our plan is to use the Bradley Method (husband coached) and to labor at home as long as possible. I've been disappointed with myself for getting an epidural last time because I got it during transition without realizing it at the time. If my DH and I would have been better prepared, then I could have gone natural and avoided having a cath in (and for hours after birth!). We thought I'd take forever because my first labor was so long, but it ended up going really quickly. I hope it goes well this time too. I've been exercising and will be doing everything within my power to get baby positioned well.