It's official! We are the...

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It's official! We are the...

October 2012 Harvest Honeys!

Now... Does anyone make blinkies???

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Yaayyyy! I can still use my Harvest Homies funny!

No idea how to make a blinkie though :O(

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Yay we have a name!

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Sounds good! I have no idea on the blinkies.

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Yay for finally having a board name! I can look into blinkie making but I can't make any promises. Unless someone here has experience with them then they can go ahead and have at it :).

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Yay! I love it!

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Glad we have a name- but I'm a dumdum when it comes to blinkies! I can barely put my signature up haha

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I swear I haven't forgotten about the blinkies lol. I was looking into tutorials and other stuff last night, so hopefully I will have a tester done up by the end of the weekend.