Just for fun...how far along would you guess?

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Just for fun...how far along would you guess?

The blood test thing got me thinking- how far along would you GUESS @ .. even though I know in the long run a few days wont make a difference..

Jan 31st and Feb 1st (with mucinex and preseed)
Feb 1st- Got + wondo opks, neg digi
Feb 2nd- Got + digi OPK am and pm
Feb 3rd- Pos digi Am neg pm
Feb 10th- lower backache/cramp/tinge of blood (implant?)
Feb 11th- LIGHTEST bfp @ night time
Feb 12th-Pos Am
Feb 13th- Pos digi

I kinda thought I'd be out because I only BD'ed on the 31st and 1st before I got any pos digi opks- and the last million months I've never gotten preg with such little bd- or not bd'ing after + digis. And the lines are so much darker/got a digi + much earlier then last month- which every preg is different and I knwo that one didnt stick so that could make a difference.

So If I O'd the 3rd of Feb, after the last digi went neg I'd only be 11DPO and the spermies would of had to live like 3 days. and my first + would of been at 8dpo instead of 10/12 like I thought.

Hmm.. What would you guys peg it at?!

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That's exactly why I temp! I've also heard that digital OPKs aren't that dependable. I have a friend who always got her positive on them the day OF ovulation instead of before so it wasn't that helpful. I'd guess that you ovulated on Feb. 2nd, based on the +OPK, the timing of your BD working, and when you got a BFP. That means you're 13dpo today and your numbers for yesterday were right on. Biggrin I have high hopes for you!

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Thanks!! Good, thats what Im thinking!!
I really wish I'd temped as well, but my evil little DS woke up too many times a night.
Hoping I O'd around feb 2nd, that'd mean I'm 12DPO today which would be comforting.

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I agree with Andrea. I think you o'd on the second as well.

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Cait i cant wait until you get your results back and have a sticky bean.. fingers crossed for you

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I would agree that you O'd on the 2nd most likely. And there must have been swimmers in there waiting for that eggie! So around 13 dpo sounds right to me!