Kids let the cat out of the bag at church

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Kids let the cat out of the bag at church

We told the kids about the baby on Friday night after our scan, and they are so excited that they just can't keep it to themselves. They told their Sunday school teacher, so now everyone at church knows. I guess we better tell our families before everyone else knows.

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Mine let the cat out of the bag at school, his teacher, classmates. They get all excited. Half my family knows and my MIL said something on FB this morning but I quickly covered up as to not let anyone catch on. I nearly died on FB though... KWIM. I wasn't saying anything till 2nd trimester.

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We just told our 4 year old yesterday and she keeps talking about the baby, but she surprisingly didn't tell anyone at church. I bet she'll spill at school on Tuesday though.

Isn't their excitement fun? Biggrin

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I was surprised mine didn't spill the beans at church today, lol!

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We haven't told them yet probably next week after my appt we will. I know once they know, everyone will know. They go to a Catholic k-12 school so once it's out there everyone we go to church with will know too.

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I haven't told the kids yet I probably will after the 12 week apt. My dd saw my bare belly last night and told me Conner(my ds) would not be happy with me I said what ? She goes duh Mom your having another baby? I told her no I had eaten too many girl scout cookies she was like oh ok !!!! Once she knows she will tell everyone at school( which since its a private Lutheran school) the whole church will know within a matter of time. The first people I plan to tell is my In laws and my parents!

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I'm sure they would not have told if we had asked them to keep it under wraps for awhile, but we didn't even think about it. Totally our own fault.

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Its cute their so excited about it :):)

I've kind of told Brody- but I've been asking him the whole time we've been TTC if he wanted a baby, and randomly, before I even told him or got a BFP he got into baby mode and started asking for one, talking about babies, asking if we can have one and he can change the diapers, on and on, so he told Kevins parents that we were going to have a baby and they thought he was just joking again and said he should ask mommy and daddy for one.. he thinks they come from the baby store so he's always asking to go there.

He sometimes tries to rub my BBS and say theres a baby in there and is it big yet? He kind of gets upset when he sees me try and use the doppler though, I think we might have to just pretend babies come from the baby store for a while longer hahah

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Baby store. Cute!

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My 5yo DD spilled at church last week too.

That is too funny about the baby store. My girls have a basic understanding that the baby grows in my belly then is born out of my girl parts. We are really honest about everything with our kids. They have known about the pregnancy from the start.