Late start on morning sickness?

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Late start on morning sickness?

Mine just kicked in full force at 8 weeks. Is this normal? From everything I read this seems late for m/s to start. Mine is pretty hard core also. Today was my first day on Zofran. The first pill helped tremendously but the 2nd wore off within a few hours and now I'm miserable! Any tips?

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I haven't been throwing up, but I'm nauseated most of the time. I get "morning, noon and night sickness" for pretty much the whole pg. A big contributor to ms is low blood sugar. One of the best things you can do to help is to eat frequently, even if it's just a couple of grapes or a cracker. Whatever you think you can keep down, eat it. Eat it before you feel sick. If you wait, it's too late. If you can tolerate foods with fiber (fruits, vegetables, beans or nuts), those will help maintain your blood sugar at a constant level. Try to avoid sugars, as they will cause your blood sugar to go all over the place and could make symptoms worse. Same with caffeine.

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Zofran didn't work for me either. It pretty much just made me constipated with bad gas pains and delayed me getting sick from now to 20 min from now. I found eating frequently helped because if I forgot or didn't munch then I would get sick from not eating and getting sick with nothing in your stomach is the worst. I was able to eat a lot of saltine crackers, toast with butter, and at work I found that nuts helped for me to keep at my desk and munch on. Although I as able to eat those they would still make me sick so make sure you keep up on your water. I was terrified of dehydrating. Outside of that I would be sick all day and by the time I got home I was so exhausted from be sick i'd be in bed early. Or I'd be laying on the bathroom floor tired but worried i'd get sick before I'd make it to bed so I'd just lay there lol

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I always started feeling queasy between 5-6 weeks. This time, it's just now starting. Not bad at all yet but I was also worried because it was starting so late. I guess every pregnancy truly is different. For me it was always worse if I got too hungry so I tried to keep crackers with me and eat a few every hour or so. And for some reason sweet tarts helped me. I read that anything sour makes you salivate more which can help settle your stomach. Hope you find some relief soon!

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I have heard some people say they don't get m/s until 8 or even 10 weeks, a lot of them say it's short lived too since they are close to 2nd tri. I always get it right away. I agree try eating small meals freq. and se if it helps. Zofran didn't work for me at all ssimilar switched to phenergen and it helps.

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I feel so lucky. I have not ever had true morning sickness while pregnant. however, I do get a bit nauseated sometimes. I feel for you and hope it passes quickly.

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I feel like mine is just starting to kick in now, I hope this is the worst of it. It does help when I eat more frequently even tho I have no appetite really. I hate when I do NOT wwant to eat but my stomach is growling. ugbhhh