LO Scared the Living Daylights out of Me

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LO Scared the Living Daylights out of Me

So, today at work, I'd just finished teaching math and was sending my kids out to run a lap, when I felt a gush. I immediately went to check what was going on. When I did, there was a lot of bright red blood. Of course, I completely freaked out. Luckily, my best friend is one of my instructional assistants (I teach a self-contained special education class). She let the rest of my staff know what was going on and sat with me while I called the doctor. They were able to get me in right away for an ultrasound. A friend who often subs for me happened to be in the building volunteering today, so she was able to take my class. The ultrasound showed baby in there, bouncing around, just fine (measured 11 weeks 2 days, HB 158 bpm). I haven't heard back from the dr. yet, but the tech said he saw a small hemorrhage. My guess is that I over did it moving boxes. So I'm home, taking it easy for the rest of the day. I told DH it must be a boy, 'cause it's a little trouble maker.

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Oh no! So very sorry you had to go through that! That's so scary. I know firsthand. Very glad you were able to get in right away and see happy healthy baby!

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Yikes, that had to be very scary for you. I'm happy to hear baby is ok and you are taking it easy!

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That's scary but whew everything's okay! I've been taking it easy for weeks, don't even clean the house much because of having a small subchorionic hematoma.

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I'm glad baby is okay. That sounds very scary.