Longer time in the womb = better brain development?

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Longer time in the womb = better brain development?

So here I am hoping this baby comes early- or on time, unlike my overly over due baby last time, but Kevin sent me this article the other day (haha) and was telling me to keep cooking the baby long as possible

Basically says that kids born 38-41 weeks had better tests scores then those born before 38, blah blah blah.. was kind of interesting!!

Now Kevin swears that Brody's going to be a master test taker because he was like 41-42 weeks.. HAHAHA...

Not to get anyone down whose before 38!! Just thought it was kind of something fun to think about for those of us who have to wait those extra weeks! Like we're getting something out of it hehe

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My son was born at 37 weeks and he is smart as a whip! I dont really believe those theories! I think it is all based on the child and what type of educational training they have!