Measuring large, extra fluid, now weekly appts (twins)

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Measuring large, extra fluid, now weekly appts (twins)

Quick update here:

I have extra amniotic fluid but doctors can't see the reason why, both twins seem very healthy, no GD or anything. If birth defects, they can't tell till they are born but they are leaning towards just a "fluke". Both babies are already measuring near 3 lbs. each. So with the extra fluid and their weight, it's become very difficult. I barely sleep, taking Zantac, have digestive issues, leg pains, back pains...did I mention I barely sleep? Today my Obgyn said I am measuring 39 weeks and that's just at 28.5 weeks. Oh boy! She wants me to get to 38 weeks too.

Did I mention that I am petite, only 4' 10"? I shock people when they think I am due any day now, haha. Doctors keep telling me not to worry, that I'll "stretch". Gee....thanks. Smile

I'm now on weekly appts, one week at the Obgyn, the other week at the specialists. My Stepdad's been a saint driving me because my belly hits the steering wheel and I never feel well enough to drive. Luckily my MIL is coming back here end of August to help with my boys, then I will rest as much as possible, sleeping daytime if I have to since night's become such a pain.

Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled about these babies, blessed about making it this far, especially making it to the milestones.

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I am 4ft 9in, so I can imagine how off balanced you must feel/look lol. One of the pit falls of being short for sure Wink Praying that your babies continue to grow grow grow, happy and healthy. A friend of mine who is over 6 ft just had twin girls and they ended up coming around 36 or so weeks I believe??? Hang in there. Not TOO much longer and you will have them in your arms Smile

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Sorry you're so miserable but glad to hear everything is looking good. I always measured ahead with DS and it was all because of fluid. All was well with him so try not to stress about that. Take care!

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I can imagine how uncomfortable you must be! I hope you are able to get some rest when your MIL comes! Hang in there mama!