Morning sickness and heart burn

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Morning sickness and heart burn

I'm starting to get morning sickness and bad heart burn already. I'm not totally sure how far along I am... I think 5 weeks. Ugh I have a long ways to go!!! This didn't start with my last one until I was 7 weeks

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both came on full force at 5 weeks. The heartburn as gotten better(probably since i can hardly eat) but the m/s is awful. I keep hoping the magic number will be 12 weeks ..... so in my mind I am thinking 3 more weeks of this please !!!!

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My oldest it started at 5 weeks. This time around, I start to feel nauseas if I go too long between meals or don't eat enough. I'm hoping it doesn't get too bad because I can't really afford to be sick!

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My m/s started at 5 weeks this time and with DS1, 7 weeks with DS2. I don't have any heartburn/indigestion yet, I had very little with DS1 but loads with DS2, but I don't remember it starting until into the second trimester. And the old wives tale proved true with my heartburn, DS1 was a little baldy and DS2 was born with a full head of hair lol.

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I already had a bit of reflux before getting pg. I just take OTC ranitidine to ward it off. Now that I am pg it is way worse! I am taking the ranitidine twice a day which is the most you can do and I have tried to choke down mylanta but I cant do it it makes me too nauseous. And speaking of nausea it is what prompted me to test so I have had it from the very beginning. It is pretty bad at times I am taking phenergen and unisom to help.

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If you take small snacks between meals, it's supposed to help the nausea. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.