The mother of all backaches

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The mother of all backaches

My back has felt like it's on fire this last week! The pain seems to wander. Sometimes it's in my mid-back, and then it moves to my lower back or vice versa. It's brutal!

I thought maybe it was all the progesterone I'm taking, but my doctor and pharmacist don't seem to think backaches are a side effect of that.

Has anyone else been "blessed" with a nasty backache lately? I'd love to learn of anything I can do to help ease it. The only thing that makes it feel better is laying down, and that's not an option for me most days. My doc said Tylenol was ok, but I prefer not to take additional medication if not absolutely necessary (I'm already on daily baby aspirin as it is).

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Yes!! My back has been killing me! I never had that with my girls, so this is a new one for me!

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A lower back ache is one of my first pg symptoms and it didnt disappoint this time either. If it gets too bad I will alternate ice or a warmewd rice sock. Tylenol never helps so I dont take it. Other than that getting off my feet is the only help.

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Where does it hurt? If it's like a straight line across the lower back, it's actually caused by the abdominal muscles. I have that one a lot. Stretching your abdomen frequently will help (e.g. stretching backward or lying on your belly and lifting your shoulders off the floor). Also, doing "sit downs" (the opposite of sit ups, where you lower yourself slowly to the floor from the sitting up position) will help strengthen the muscle.