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Me again-
Whats everyone think about Mucinex? I used it one cycle, but then felt like I had NO Cm.. but somebody said that it just thins it out a lot so that it seems like you don't have any- but that it's still better for you.. IDK..

Anyhoo, the last 8ish months of hardcore TTC I've barely had any CM it seems... Last month was my first month having a lot of CM - because I was sick, so I had mucus coming out of everywhere... *TMI* haha.. And I was telling myself if I got pregnant that's probably why!! Well obviously it worked!!

So now I'm debating taking some more stinky mucinex in order to have a more fertile environment in hopes that it'll help one little swimmer finish the journey.

Do you think it really helps?? I'm kind of scared of it making no CM, but is that even possible? Sigh... help!!

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Hey Cait!

Did you take just plain Mucinex (nothing in it but guafesin) or Mucinex with a D or DM after it? The plain Mucinex, or robitussin usually increases mucus/CM, (although it can probably be different for different people) but if it has any of the "D"s in it, it can have the opposite effect and dry you out. Just something to watch out for. :goodluck:

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Hmmmm, I wish I had some input but I never new that Mucinex was good/bad for CM. I learn something new everyday. Smile I'd say, do what worked before.

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Just plain ol Mucinex is what I have!! Just the G word (guffa-whatevery-it-is)

Marie- The one thing that WORKED was getting a cold. I'm almost serious when I say I want to go stand out in the rain w/o a coat! I never imagined the things I'd do for some quality mucus!! Smile

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I've tried an off-brand of mucinex, but didn't notice a difference (just my anecdotal evidence). I tried it for a couple of cycles because I've read it increases cm, but then again I've tried lots of other things, too. The only thing I've found to reliably increase fertile cm is acupuncture.