My appointment today

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My appointment today

I went in for a hb check today because of the spotting, and we got to hear a nice, strong hb in the 160's! We have no idea why I'm spotting, and the m/w says I may never know. We opted not to do a pelvic, since I had one last time I was spotting and the m/w did not see anything. I did get the paperwork to schedule my 18-20 week anatomy scan. Only a month away! Yay! I'm 14 weeks, 1 day, and my next appointment is in 4 weeks.

Funny "baby brain" story: We weigh ourselves when we come in to each visit and write it in our charts. Well, I took my weight and then went back to the waiting room to write it down. It took me a bit to find the page in my chart where the weight goes b/c it was covered up. Anyway, the m/w freaked out a little because I lost 10 lb. in a month. Then, I thought about it and realized I had probably transposed the last 2 numbers of my weight. I went back to weigh myself, and sure enough, I had written "34" instead of "43"! True baby brain moment.

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YAY for a good visit, and strong heart beat Smile

Ps. I transpose numbers all the time, even when I'm not pregnant lol

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Glad you had a good appointment Deb!

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Hooray for a good appointment! Hope that spotting gives up soon and you can relax a little. I wonder if it could be stress related?

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That's a good question. I have no idea if it could be stress related. The last time I had spotting, Isaiah was in the hospital too. But then, he's been in 4 times in 4 months, so it could just be coincidence.

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Sorry about the spotting, but yay for a good appt and HB!

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Yay for a strong hb! Boo for the spotting I know how stressful that is. How is Isaiah doing?