My baby really does love me....but not the car

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My baby really does love me....but not the car

I've had a pretty crazy week that's why I haven't been around much to reply to anything. On Wednesday after I got off work DD and I drove 2 1/2 hrs to my parents house because my sister was being induced on Thursday morning. We spent all Thur in the hospital with her and she finally had baby at 720pm. Amazing experience by the way. We left at 830p drove all the way back home got home around 11 (at least 2 hrs after my bedtime since I've been so tired lately) and I had to work 8am on Friday.
Friday when i went on lunch break I was running up to the dr's office to pay a bill and on my way there I was like you know I haven't really felt sick the past couple days my boobs haven't hurt either. I dropped off the bill swung my Jimmy Johns for lunch and went back to work.....30 min later I was at the toilet sick as can be. I got sick like 4-5 times while at work and since then I've felt sick on and off everyday. Evidently my baby already listens to me and loves me, baby let me know he was still there Smile

So I worked Saturday morning and at noon DD and I left for my parents again and came back Sunday afternoon. All this driving I've discovered makes me really nauseous. My stomach just turns and hurts. After about an hour on the road I feel like I could throw up. Driving do this to anyone else? It was horrible by the time I got home yesterday I called DH to meet me outside so he could get DD and I could run inside to the bathroom. Sad

Side note my niece is so amazing and I love newborns. DD was so good with her rubbing her back giving her kisses that it makes me feel better about this baby.

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I have motion sickness anyway so cars/ moving vehicles of any kind don't really agree with me. I take Dramamine and it's safe according to my drs. I would suggest you try some of that but be careful it can make you tired.

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I had a 2.5 hr drive this weekend as well. Went up to my sister's friday, and came back yesterday. Luckily I put some peanut butter m and ms in my pocket. If I started feeling queezy I stuck one in my mouth and sucked on it till it melted. Not the healthiest, but it worked Wink