My boy/girl twins are here! (x-cross post)

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My boy/girl twins are here! (x-cross post)

Just wanted to give everyone an update. My twins are here, born healthy as can be on Monday (9/24), thank goodness! It was a long road TTC (5 years) and as much as I was worried about IVF, etc, it's a relief to see them now and know that everything was so worth it.

Here's the link to my post - see post #39:

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Oh my goodness! They are absolutely adorable!! Congratulations!

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Congrats!!! They are beautiful!

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:lurk: Congratulations! They are adorable!

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:lurk: Wow, I remember you from a long time ago... maybe it was the November 2005 board? (I miscarried that baby). So happy for you!