My horrible night - long

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My horrible night - long

Baby is okay, but I had a terrible night last night.

We're on vacation in Colorado. It's a business vacation so we get to splurge here and there for "business meetings" at fancy restaurants. Anyway, last night we went to the most amazing place. First, you take a gondola to the top of a mountain, then you take a snowcat on a short ride through the snowy, mountains to a lodge nestled overlooking the mountains and town. It's gorgeous. Doesn't it sound wonderful? It's like something out of The Bachelor. We went with another couple (that knows I'm pregnant).

I was a bit hungry on the way there, but okay. I had been nauseated in the morning so I had taken a zofran and colace (because zofran stops me up terribly). I brought zofran along, just in case. As we waited for our first course (of a 4 course gourmet meal), I started getting crampy and super hungry. I was happy when they brought us some bread because I figured that would settle my stomach. It didn't.

What followed was awful. I could only eat like one or two bites of every course - delicious, fancy shrimp, cheesy ham with roasted tomatoes, homemade sorbet, elk with crusted mac n cheese, and the most beautiful chocolate creation I've ever seen. Everything had so much flavor. The other people at the table ended up eating all my food while I visited the bathroom.

Has anyone ever had to use a bathroom with an autoflush while dealing with sickness? It's not pleasant. I had to kneel far away from the toilet or I'd get flushed sporadically. It was comical to me at the time it was so bad. My friend had to come in and get me when our snowcat came to pick us up. That was not a fun ride back down the mountain.

When we got back into town, I was feeling too sick to deal with the in-town bus so we walked. I started getting TERRIBLE cramps. That's never fun in pregnancy. I felt like I needed to pass gas, but I didn't. At one point I wanted to sit down in the snow to get sick, but I kept moving.

We finally got back to our room and I couldn't even change my clothes myself. My DH made a little nest for me on the bathroom floor where I stayed for a couple of hours. I eventually was able to pass gas a couple of times while I was laying down and then fell asleep. That makes me think that my body wasn't responding well to the colace and that's hopefully what was causing the cramps.

I woke up feeling fine this morning. That's great, but worrisome. I only felt sick yesterday so far so it's not like I've had weeks of morning sickness and then suddenly nothing. The cramps worry me, but again, they weren't paired with any bleeding and I felt better after passing gas. Ugh! I wish I was a couple of weeks further along so I could use the doppler for some reassurance.

I can't wait until this vacation is over. I haven't seen my kids since last Saturday and now our flights changed so I won't see them until Sunday. That's way too long to go without baby snuggles. Plus, I've relaxed enough and can't ski in my condition. Anyway, I thought you guys might be entertained and sympathetic to last night's plight.

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Oh that sounds miserable!!!!! I've had some awful gas this pregnancy too. :bighug:

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:bigarmhug: I'm sorry that sounds awful. I hate it when we have days like that, happy to hear that you feel better today.

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Aww!!! So sorry your nice dinner got ruined!!! Hope you're feeling better today!

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That sounds terrible, I'm so sorry your night was so crapy. I hope you are feeling better today.

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Ugh... I can tell you were trying to have a nice evening - and it just wasn't happening!! I'm havin lots of bloating issues too. At the end of each day, I feel like i could pop like a balloon. I just picked up some gas-x, which I've read is ok to take. Gonna see if that helps (I've never actually used it before).

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Oh man. That sounds awful. Sad I'm it ruined what sounds like such a neat experience for you too. Bummer! Hope you are feeling better!

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I'm feeling much better. I just ate a huge bacon cheeseburger with fries. Where was this appetite last night? Oh well. I'm just happy to be feeling better (and to not being auto-flushed anymore Lol ).

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I'm sorry that sounds so awful! A very cool setting but miserable all the same. I am glad you were feeling better today! I haven't been able to eat anything near a cheeseburger since getting pg so I would think you are all mended now.

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Glad you're feeling better, but sorry your evening was ruined! That's so miserable. When I was newly pregnant with my first, my DH and I took a trip to Italy. I was so looking forward to eating all of the wonderful food. HA. It was the same thing you described. Everything was so flavorful, but I could only take a bite or two before I had to stop. There was some crying.

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Sounds awful , hope you have been feeling great ever since. And since I am super late you should be home snuggling your girls by now:)

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Im glad that you are feeling better! I know how it goes with being really hungry and then not being able to eat anything! Thats one of the things about pregnancy that I cant stand!! I hope that the cramps were just from gas!!!

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Andrea, that really sucks! This pregnancy has been the worst with the sickness. Nothing sounds good! Sucks even worse that you went through that with such a delicious meal in front of you!

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"annierose" wrote:

Has anyone ever had to use a bathroom with an autoflush while dealing with sickness? It's not pleasant. I had to kneel far away from the toilet or I'd get flushed sporadically. It was comical to me at the time it was so bad.

For the past week i've had really bad m/s where I'm sick all day long and can't keep anything including water down. Anyway this weekend DH, DD and I went to visit some relatives and they made this really big meal for lunch/dinner and I felt like I had to eat some of it. Well that didn't last long and got sick at their house. On the way home I felt HORRIBLE and had to have DH stop at a gas station so I could run inside. When I got into the bathroom and opened the stall door....I THOUGHT OF YOU !!!! LOL It was an autoflush toilet and I kind of chuckled to myself while thinking oh god how am I going to do this because of your story. Smile