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....full speed ahead. I've tried and tried to with hold my urge to get things done and i just can't do it anymore. So yesterday after telling DH I was going to start crying if I couldn't start doing things he finally gave in and i'm in full swing Smile

I told him that if I NEEDED to get the baby clothes washed and bottles washed and toys washed etc. He has been telling me to wait that we have time etc. Well I can't wait anymore and I told him that he's not going to understand the need that I have or what it feels like.

So yesterday I got the curtains bought, the crib mattress bought (and now the cribs put together), then i got the dresser bought. Today i've got load 3 of baby clothes in the washer, i've got some of them put away already. I've got baby bottles and infant toys being sanitized and washed. I've got DD toys ready to be thrown in the washer and some ready to be wiped down and sanitized. When DH gets home I know he's goign to think i'm nuts when he see's all the bottles put away nicely in the cupboards. But honestly I dont' care because I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!!!!

Anyone else nesting????? I never felt like this with DD by the way. The most I nested with her was towards the ends I was obsessed with cleaning the floors and baseboards. This is full blown get things done NOW clean clean clean madness.

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I feel like I'm always nesting- even before preg- arranging baby stuff and sorting baby stuff just "incase" haha
now its really overwhelming that I have so much to do (like make the baby a room still) and running out of time!!