Nesting already? Clean clean!

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Nesting already? Clean clean!

Is anyone cleaning and moving things around like crazy?? I can't seem to stop!

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I think its just because its soooo nice out here right now thats why ive been doing more. Ok so i havent really been cleaning but its crossed my mind more to start spring cleaning. Ive been outside more the past few days though. Just cant seem to get the motivation to box all the winter clothes up or deep clean yet.

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I feel driven to put things in order anyway but it is worse when pg. I always want the house spic n span and painted nicely, we really need to paint again!

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I fall into the "thinking about it more" category. lol.

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I feel like that was one of my "early signs of pregnancy" haha.. I randomly went up stairs and started organizing the playroom, closets, etc... and now I just feel the need to ORGANIZE more then really just "clean", and get rid of stuff, and just declutter I guess...

Have so much work to do before the baby gets here! it's kind of fun but tiring!!

I cant wait for summer to really get started, we have to remodel a bedroom, then the painting and all of that, plus I want to repaint the dining room and our bedroom and brodys room, arghhh!! hehe

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Not me. I'm in the "No Ambtion" category. So many things I'd like to be doing if I could just find the energy. Hopefully soon.

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The only area I have been feeling the need to keep clean is the kitchen for some reason. I did the dishes about 10 times this weekend, scrubbed the cabinets, floors and stove, cleaned out the fridge and pantry. Must be because I'm "worried about my food" dh says lol... My laundry is stacking up though Sad My least favorite "chore"