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I started to write the post the other day and I can't remember if I sent it or not. I am fairly sure I am losing my mind. Got my Bfp last week and as of now my edd is October 8th. Although I had a messed up last cyles so it may be Sept 24.There is a good change baby was concieved in Disney World (magically place after all ha ha ) I will know more when I go to the dr. When should I go for my first visit .? With my dd I went at 8 weeks and my son around 4-5 we aren't telling anyone in real life so figuring out how to get a sitter for my youngest might be a struggle.

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Contests! And welcome! Smile

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Congrats! And LOL about disneyworld. DH and I talked about TTC at disneyland (well at the hotel) this December but I was not ready then

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Congrats and welcome! My DS1 is a souvenir from Disney World. Wink

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Welcome and congrats Smile :)

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Congrats and welcome! I went to the doc at around 7 weeks with my kids. My doc always does and early u/s and by then you'd be able to see a heart beat.

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Congrats and welcome. I would say most drs will see you in the 7-8 week time frame. It will be here before you know it:-)

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Congrats and welcome! Biggrin