New to October!

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New to October!

Hi everyone!
I'm an on again/off again member of back with another BFP!
I have 2 boys - my first son, Connor, was born Jan 09 (he's 3) and my second, Griffin, was born Oct 10 (16 months). Just found out last week that I am expecting again, due around the middle of Oct 12. We're very excited! This will be our last baby, so I'm kind of hoping for a girl, but 3 boys would be okay too! Afterall, I'm completely set up for another boy!

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Congrats! Just think if its another boy you get to be queen of the house.

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Congrats and welcome!!
I only have one boy, but I think the same way... If I have another boy Im totally set and could spend all the extra $$$ on...paint..or... idk... "fun things" or things for myself (hehe)...if I have a much as I'd LOVE to have a girl, I'd probably need to get a second job to pay for her!! hehehehe

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Contratulations and welcome! Boys are so much fun, but I to would love to have a girl this time. I will be completely ok either way, but it would be so much fun to have a girl to be girly with. KWIM? Smile

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Congrats! I have two boys too! Hoping for a girl, but three boys would be great too Smile

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Congrats !!!