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New to this site

Hey ladies a friend of mine is on this site and due to my bed rest recommended that I come here. So just wanted to say "hello" due Oct. 2 and I ten weeks today.

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Hi. Welcome! So, you're on bed rest already? I'm sorry to hear that.

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Hello bed rest buddy! Welcome! Pull up a chair and stay a while lol

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Welcome to! Congrats on your pregnancy and boo on the bedrest. I hope you're able to find some good distractions while you're taking it easy for baby. Do you have any other kiddos?

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Welcome! Glad to have you here!! So sorry to hear about bed rest already Sad

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Welcome here! Sorry you are on bedrest already!

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Welcome! Sorry about the bedrest, what's going on?

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Welcome! Congrats! Stinks your already on bedrest !