Off to Nov..... :(

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Off to Nov..... :(

Well. I know why the tests weren't blazing dark. Baby decided not to stick this morning and my temp dropped way down. What an awful heartbreak. Sad Totally sad.... Good luck ladies! Hope you all get some lucky baby dust your way! (Don't worry about your siggies btw)

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Oh Marie!!!! hugs!!!!!!!

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I'm so sorry Marie.

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I'm so sorry! Sad

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I am so sorry, Marie.

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Marie, I'm so sorry. :bighug:

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i'm so sorry! This is so hard! I was confused I saw your siggie in another post at the BBT board and had to come and see what was up. I'm praying for strength for you at this horrible heartwrenching time!!!!!!!

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Thank you sooo sooo much ladies. It's nice to have some support when not many (besides our parents) IRL knew yet. It's hard when you let yourself become excited..... even if it were only a few days......

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So sorry, Marie! :bigarmhug:

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Oh no Marie, I am so sorry....:(

:bigarmhug: :bigarmhug:

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Marriieee Sad :( :bigarmhug: im so sorry!!!

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:(:( So sorry Marie!! Feel like there is something in the water lately, hoping November brings everyone more sticky beans!!!!!

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Im sorry to hear that Marie

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I'm so sorry Marie Sad I know exactly how you feel and my heart breaks for you. As soon as you see that BFP you start loving and dreaming about your baby. Praying for you!

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I am so sorry Marie. I am thinking of you.

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So sorry Marie Sad

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Thank you thank you again ladies. I'm crossing my everything for November. I hope Oct is lucky for you ladies and will be stalking like crazy to see some more BFPs.

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I'm so sorry Marie. :bigarmhug: