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Official update

Well, we went for an u/s last week at 5 weeks. Saw a sac but the doc said it wasn't shaped the way it should be. She said I had a 50/50 odds of it being a viable pregnancy. I was devastated and scared. I prayed a ton but was expecting the worst. We went back this past Wed for another u/s. I was fully expecting to get bad news. I was shocked when the tech instead found a heartbeat! The ges sac now looks normal and the yolk sac is perfect. Everything is measuring right on and heart rate was 120! God is good! According to my O date, I'm due Oct 31. According to u/s I'm due Nov 1. Not sure which one the doc will go with. Nov 1st is DS3's bday so he's hoping for that date Smile So I plan on checking in with both Oct and Nov. Here's to a H&H9M ladies!!

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Great news! So happy you went back and saw a fluttering little heart! God is very good!

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Congratulations! What a relief! Smile

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That's awesome Belinda! Congratulations!

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Such awesome news!!!

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I so happy you got a good report! That is wonderful news!

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Wonderful news God is good !!!!