O'ing early?

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O'ing early?

I usually don't start testing with my opk's until day 10 but I had watery cm today and just got 25 wondfo's so I figured why not? I took one this afternoon after not limiting my fluid intake , expecting it to be stark white or just a shadow. Well, while it's not positive, it's pretty close. I've never had a line that dark this early. Could I possibly be getting ready to O at day 9 or 10 and if so, is that a bad thing? I'm just so nervous something will be off or wrong this cycle. I'll be curious to see what my temps do.

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When in doubt - BD like you're fertile!

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Wow!! thats a quick O!! I'm STILL waiting to O after my december ...fun... !! I'm super jealous!! I definately agree, if in doubt, BD LIKE YOUR FERTILE!! :):) Practice makes perfect right!!!

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I o early sometimes. I think cd 10 or 11 has been my earliest, but I usually o cd13-15. From my understanding, it's fine to o early. Hope you get in some BD'ing and see a blazing positive soon!

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We BD last night and I'll try to get at least every other day in til I see my temp spike. I'll take another opk today and see what it shows. I normally O on cd 13 or 14 so I was surprised to see the opk.

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Woohoo! I hope this is your lucky month! I will be stalking you like crazy to see how your tests today are.