Omg omg omg!! (don't get too excited by this post)

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Omg omg omg!! (don't get too excited by this post)

Two weeks until possible 'go' time for me. It's unbelivable to think about. Eeeeee!!! I'm excited, then I'm scared, then I'm excited, then I'm TERRIFIED! Lol! My hubby has been cheerleader for #3 and even he is starting to come up with excuses why 'maybe it's a bad idea'. Hee hee. How's everyone else holding out? When is your 'go' time?
Deirdre, how's it going for you and hubs? Excited?!? I've been stalking you, btw. Wink

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It's funny Marie. I was just thinking things should start picking up on this board any day now. As I'm sure you know AF showed right before christmas so that puts me right at the end of Sept for this cycle. It'll be awhile (if at all) before I'm here on October. But my gut feeling is that I'll be here though ;oP

I can't believe we are here already. Remember when it seemed SO far away???

I get on that same roller coaster with every 2WW. Sometimes I think, OK this is silly. I'm obviously not ready, but then the baby fever comes right on back. I think DH is getting excited. He keeps talking about a little BROTHER to Erin.
We've recently begun a major addition to the house. I'm REALLY hoping it's all done by next Fall!!!

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Im getting baby fever too !!! Hope we all get nice BFP!!

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I'm definitely out for September since AF showed today - DD's b'day with 30 ppl here for brunch - of all days. Hoping my body is finally getting back on track but doubtful I'll be here since DH will be away Monday to Friday for the next 6 weeks and I'm due to O on a Thursday... yuck, here's hoping for a late O (or an early one) Smile
I'd love a fall baby!!