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Anyone else plan on painting a room before the LO gets here?
My friend mentioned needing to paint and I suggested we have a 'painting party' one day her room one day mine, and she was like "uh you can't paint.."
I was kind of annoyed... I'm pretty cautious when it comes to preg things...dont eat this, dont do that... but, I figure I can open all the windows, take breaks, not HUFF paint, and buy the less fume kind... and Im pretty sure I'll be fine!
Now I'm like, am I wrong? Is this that bad to do? Don't tons of people paint before babies come??

To be honest, I have like 4 rooms that need painted, haha, but they're pretty open, and I'm waiting til summer so I can leave the doors/windows open, buy good paint, and enlist some help! I def wont be around during the texturing- my eyes/head already can't stand that when I'm not preggo so I know I'd be a mess in my state..haha

Anyone else painting??? Or is it a good excuse to make DH do it all? haha

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I've never had a pregnancy where I didn't paint at least one room! It sounds like you know all the proper precautions. I'd say you're good to go. Unless of course you want to get out of it, then it's a great excuse. haha I'm too much of a perfectionist to just hand the job over to anyone else. Smile

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I all the stuff you talked about and you'll be fine. I painted during my last pregnancy too.

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We painted the boys' room while I was pg with DS2. We had the window open, used a low/no VOC paint, and I tried not to be in there for too long at a time, and everything was fine.

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You're fine. I've personally never painted while pregnant, but I haven't needed to. I'd go with the low chemical stuff and ventilate well.

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We pretty much need to paint every room in our existing house, not to mention the addition! I'm the painter in this relationship so I'll most likely be doing some. Last time I let DH paint DD's room be fore she was born. Drama.

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Dh and I painted some when I was pregnant with DD. We just bought the low fume stuff and we left doors/windows open. We will be painting the nursery this time but DH is pretty cautious so he will probably just do it. Not that I don't want to or that I can't but its more his peace of mind that i'm not in there Smile

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I painted ds's bedroom when I was pregnant with him. The room we'll be using for the baby's room is painted and I love the color but if I can work into how I want to decorate then we'll paint.

Valspar has a great low VOC paint. It has no smell at all. It's sold at Lowes. We used it throughout our entire house. It covers so well too!

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We hire painters, it's just easier, especially since one room needed lots of sanding. Plus they repaired part of my kitchen ceiling that DS2 ruined by flooding my upstairs bathroom awhile ago. So they came in and finished within 2 days time, so all is done. Smile Next we are waiting gender scans to think about nursery themes. Peel & stick with neutral walls because we want to sell & buy a bigger house.