Placement of placenta and Gender

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Placement of placenta and Gender

Have any of you ladies heard of the placement of the placenta and the gender of that baby? Supposively it has a 97% accuracy. I guess it is called Ramzi's theory.

I copy pasted this next part because I was to lazy to type it

In a nutshell it is based on the placenta side (bulk of the placenta) which is shown on your scan images as a bright white mass. The scan image also has to be transverse and not sagital.

It can be done as early as 6-7 wks but for accuracy look at your 12wk scans for the placenta (even if you know gender) and post pics here or even quote what has been written about your placenta on the notes which normally accompany your scan images. If the placenta is on the left of the sac it is a girl, if on the right it's a boy.

I looked at my ultrasound with DS1 and it was the same as this baby. Do any of you still have your 6,7 or 8 weeks u/s that you could share from your older kids to see if it is accurate?


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I looked at my 20 wk us with my ds and it was on the right and a boy so that would be correct according to this theory. The photo is like you're looking down over the baby and the placenta is above him, so to his right. Is that correct?

I looked at my 7 wk scan it's very hard to tell. The baby was smooshed up on the left side and I can't see anything else so I'm guessing the placenta is on the left as well since there is nothing to the right of the baby. Everything looks like a bright white mass on this u/s. LOL!