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Positive OPK

Hey Guys,

I've sort of been MIA for awhile because I'm getting a little moody about the 7th cycle of TTC. I feel like we've been at it forever...but I bought some OPK's for the first time. I took a test around 2 this afternoon and got a really really dark line so I'm super excited that they are actually working. Does anyone know about how long after you get a positive test that peak ovulation time occurs? I've heard anywhere from 24 to 36 hours. I'm trying to see if we need to DTD every night for the next 3 days (which is going to be exhausting) or if we can maybe take a break one of these nights...hehe. Anyway, good luck to everyone and hopefully we all have October cuties!!!

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i've heard 12-24 and my dr said to bd every other day to help sperm count so i wouldn't do 3 days in a row anyway Smile