Pregnancy Brain...Seriously?!?!

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Pregnancy Brain...Seriously?!?!

I can't remember anything! Earlier this week I sent an email asking someone for an update on something we had been working on and I get a response back this morning saying that I had finalized it last week and sent it to her...WHAT? I have no memory of that. WOW

Then this morning someone was asking me if we had names picked out yet, and I said yes.....and then my brain went blank. I.COULD.NOT.REMEMBER the name we have decided to name our daughter. WTH?

I feel like a complete idiot these days. Anyone else?

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That's me...I actually lost my favorite sweater somewhere, like at the doctors or restaurant, for the life of me I just can't remember, haha.

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Im with you as well!! I have a hard time remembering anything these days!!! It gets frustrating, especially when i leave the house without things I need for my 2 yr old!!

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Hehehe... Thank god for phone notes!! I find myself leaving myself notes in my phone all the time.. grocery lists... to do lists... set my phone alarm for reminders everyday.. I can barely remember when I get into bed if I took my prenatal within the last minute or so or not!! hahaha