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"annierose" wrote:

I caved in and got a reading from both Cheri and Jenny back in 2005 (I think). They were both dead wrong. One of them, I think it was Cheri, even went on and on about how I'm going to have two boys and one was going to be a police man, blah, blah, blah. The months were wrong and I have two girls. Lol It made me really sad at the time because she also said we were going to conceive naturally and didn't with our first child.

Anyway, don't put too much into their predictions. It's cool when they get it right sometimes!

Since Cheri doesnt say "years" maybe your boys are yet to come, or maybe it'll be your daughters husbands.. hehe...
I'm such an anti-believer and figured what the heck I spend more money on pee sticks a month, and then I was even irritated when she reported back that I'd get a bfp THIS month, I was thinkng "Why would she say so soon? she's just going to be proved wrong that much sooner!" - haha
I kinda figuredif she said 6 months away it'd give me something to look forward to a little bit when I keep getting BFNS every month.. hehe.. kinda like chinese gender- just for fun- and more fun when they're right!!