QOTD Thurs 10-20

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QOTD Thurs 10-20

Ok, this might be a different one. Just for fun. Smile

What kind of car do you drive?
Do you love it? Hate it?
Are you saving up for something bigger once baby comes?

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We have a Pontiac G6
Love it
Hopefully not need a new one since this was new for the first one. Hoping to fit 2 kids in then maybe buy something bigger when the third comes.

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We just bought a Chevy Traverse and we love it! We only have one car, so that's the downside. I don't think we could afford 2 car payments. It has a 3rd row seat that folds down, so it will be perfect for fitting another car seat Biggrin

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We have a GMC Acadia. I believe it's the same car as the Traverse.

We like it. It doesn't handle the snow as well as I'd like, but otherwise, it's good.

I also drive a Chevy Cobalt to/from work. I pretty much love it

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I drive a Hummer H3 and my husband has a Dodge Ram Truck

I would love to get rid of both, and we are already talking of selling the H3 and getting something that will fit 2 carseats better. I work for a Ford Dealership (and my boss also owns a Chevy Dealership) so they are going to give me a SWEET deal.

We don't hardly ever take either out of town (TG!) because of the horrible gas mileage, thankfully one of the perks of my job is I can rent one of my rental cars absolutely free anytime I want Smile so I can take a small car, an SUV, or a truck (that gets better gas mileage) whenever I want.

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I drive a Chev Avalanche, love it.
We also just bought a Hunday Elentra since DH has to drive 30 minutes to work. Love it too, good on gas!

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I drive a Honda CRV and I love it to death. My dream car was that or a RAV4. DH has my old 95 Civic with 200,000+ miles on it. He LOVES driving that hunk of car. Wink Lol! He drives 40 mins one way for work every day so there isn't any point to having a good car. Just ones that's reliable and keeps on ticking. We aren't sure if when it goes he should take the CRV and 'we' (me! Lmao) get a Honda Oddessy or Toyota Sienna or Pilot! My mom has a Pilot and i've fallen in love with the room and comfy drive. Just not the gas mileage. Wink

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I have a susuki vitra that I've had since college.

I don't mind it except that it's rear wheel drive (no awd or 4w) and it's very light weight with no real center of gravity so it's HORRIBLE in acclimate weather, especially nor'easters.

If DD is front facing before #2 comes along, we can make my car work but I'd love to upgrade! I could make my car work, but something bigger would be great. I'd love to have a eco friendly cross over like the Highlander or Edge. I try to be eco friendly, but I also want space for a (future) dog, 2 + kids and camping stuff with AWD and I don't want a minivan if I can avoid it.