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DH has been really rocking lately. He planned a NYE trip for us (for our dating anniversary) and now he has planned a trip right after Valentines to celebrate our wedding anniversary (late, but he has duty that weekend).

I am so excited. They were both surprise trips (well that was the plan). For the upcoming trip, he booked some things in Reno and when I saw our bank statement I called to report fraud on our card. I looked really dumb when they told me that my husband had booked the trip, requested a special room with roses, etc. Geeze.

I am supposed to test on 02/03 if AF hasn?t shown her ugly face. I think I would try to keep it a secret from DH as long as possible and maybe surprise him on our trip.

If we don?t get pg this cycle, I should be ovulating towards the end of that weekend so hopefully we will bring back a souvenir with us.
I am having an obsessed day today. I just want to be pg. already.

So ladies, have your husband?s ever taken you on a surprise trip? Where? How was it?

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Kim, that is so awesome of hubby! And hilarious how you found out. Lol. Did he have a laugh at you later on? That would have totally been me, calling the cc comp. Smile How many years will this anny be for you two?

No special trips for us. Once my DH tried to cook a romantic dinner for when I got home from work. I told him, the intentions were good, but don't cook ever again. Hahahahaha! Man, does he suck at cooking.

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LOL Marie, how sweet of your DH to try. That is special.

Actually this will only be our 2 year anniversary. We have been together for 4 but I just wasn't sure I wanted to be stuck for life. LOL.

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Kim, how nice of your DH! Biggrin I hope you guys have a blast!

Marie, Haha! sweet of him to try! What did he make?

I'm the one who plans all of our! Hubby did surprise me a long time ago when were still dating. He took me to New Orleans when I was 19....I think? He hasn't surprised me with a trip since then! :rolleyes:

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Sort of a surprise 'trip' but not for us. This year the weekend after my B'day DH planned a special dinner - he and DD were in cohoots for a week. I was not told where we were going, he snuck DD's suitcase in the car and surprised me by dropping her off at his folks who were taking her camping for the night so we could have a quiet date Smile

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We have never done any surprise trips- we are terrible at keeping secrets from one another. We can't even keep Christmas gifts a surprise, we always end up telling the other person what we got for them the day we purchase it lol We did just book a cruise for Spring Break- our first! This year will be our 5 year anniversary so we wanted to do something kind of big. I'm exicted!

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DH is horrible at surprises. He just can not keep a secret, plus I really don't think he's capable of thinking of something. it's just not the way he's wired. I've come to accept the fact that I have to give him a list every year for Christmas. Otherwise it's just a mess. But I really do love surprises and I hope one day he can muster something up.

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AWW Love all your guys suprise trips and occasions... Unfortunately mine can't plan/suprise me to save his life.. Its like my big deam.. even a suprise DATE where he finds a babysitter and takes me somewhere would be great.. but its always me who decides/plans everything. sigh. He wants to take us to disneyland in a few months and it's all his idea- but not really a suprise...

The biggest "suprise"thing I guess he's done is On my birthday we went to The Melting Pot (Idk if they have those all over or what..) anyhoo, the next year he was going to take meback there for my bday again, so i wasnt *too* excited, I reallylike it there, its over an hour drive, its so romantic, but wasn't really expecting anything special. Well when we got there there was the hugest thing of long stemmed red roses waiting at my table and a happy birthday card.... was really sweet! Especiallybecause he didn't have a debit/credit card at the time and only had checks and they fly the flowers in that morning so they only take payments ahead of time but I guess he schmoozed enough for them to trust him enough to order them... so it was really sweet! most expensive dinner ever!! We've only went there like twice or 3 times because it ends up costing 200+ dollars afterthe meal and gas and a drink Smile plus add flowers +balloons..haha... its worth it though!!

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