spotting again

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spotting again

I had some cramping when I went to bed last night and some spotting this morning. It was the same type of spotting I had a few weeks ago, mostly mucus tinged with red blood. It was only when I would wipe, and it cleared up after a few hours. It started back up this afternoon, but just a small tinge of blood. I plan to call the m/w tomorrow. Maybe they can sneak me in for a h/b check. (If I can get a ride from the hospital to the m/w center.)

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Stupid spot. I hope you can get into your mw tomorrow.

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I had that the other night after lifting my 4 year old briefly. I managed to get lots of "couch rest" after and it seems fine now. It's scary though but hopefully it's just nothing like mine was.

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I havent stopped since 8 wks its been going on. It really bites the big one. It is mostly tan mixed with cm but there was twice where it was bright red for a few days. I have the benefit of a doppler at home though so I listen all the time to the nice strong hb. Hope you get in tomorrow and can get a ride!

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Thanks. I called the m/w yesterday, and she said I can go in for a h/b check sometime today. (I had the option of u/s at the hospital, but it would be much easier to go to the m/w.) They don't open till noon, but I should be able to get in sometime this afternoon or evening. Still cramping and spotting today. It let up for about half the day yesterday before starting back up. The m/w did not seem too concerned.

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Good luck today! How scary. Glad you can go in for peace of mind.

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Glad your mw isn't concerned. I hope you're feeling better today.

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Glad you can see the m/w today. I am sure its nothing but its gotta be frustrating wish the spotting would let up for you!