Stretch marks!

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Stretch marks!

Ok... is anyone doing anything to prepare/try and prevent stretch marks???

I feel like I'm more scared this time then I was with DS- maybe because now I've seen what "bad" ones look like- and I think I appreciate my body so much more after having DS then I did before-

I'm so scared I'm going to get really bad ones.

I got lucky with DS and got a few, light ones on the side so I feel like I'm in for it this pregnancy- I always hear how people didnt get any/hardly got any with their first pregnancy then are a watermelon the next.

Has anyone really tried anything that actually works???


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I'm afraid of the same! I skated by with DS and got none, but my body is 10 years older now. And I already got a few small streaks on my boobs with this pregnancy so far!

I put coconut oil all over my belly when I shower each morning. I heard that helps keep the elasticity. We shall see. Fingers crossed!

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I've had two pregnancies now and am stretch mark free! I did put belly butter on every time after I showered but I'm pretty sure this all has to do with
1) the genes you are born with
2) how you wear your babies

At about 33 weeks, my babies go head down and nearly vertical in me, so my belly starts to become flatter again and I grow vertically rather than straight out. I'm pretty sure that this helps prevent my skin from having to stretch as far as women who wear way out in front the whole time. It does make it impossible to breath and I get hemmies from the baby's head being SO low for so long... but at least my skin stays intact! The skin on my boobs is much thinner and papery than it was before though. No actual stretch marks, but it is definitely over-stretched and now not-tight skin after engorgement and nursing and all of that.

Oh, and I hear that drinking a lot of water will help too. I do my best to drink as often as I can but I've never been stellar in that department.

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I have some but not that bad for having had 6 kids already. They fade away quite well when not pg luckily. I didnt get one stretch mark with my first until my 36th week I thought I had escaped it but nope. I do cocoa butter too but I dont know how much it has helped however it cant hurt either!

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I got them more on my BBs than my belly. And the ones that did show on my belly, surface AFTER baby was born???

I've already seen a few showing their faces on the girls again already. Weird bc they don't even hurt that much...

I used a gold bond lotion. I don't like the smell (or taste!) of coconuts so I felt this was a suitable substitute.

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I have some stretch marks on my stomach despite body butter twice daily. I got them worse with my second pregnancy. It actually looks like a handprint on the front of my tummy (though it's white right now and not visible unless you take a picture and the flash reflects on it). Notice that my belly pictures are all covered!

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I have a tiger tummy

I tried to prevent it with DD1, but I got them really early like 20ish weeks, way before the skin was tight. I think it has a lot more to do with genetics than anything else. My mom had 4 kids, went from skinny to huge belly, not one strech mark. I must have taken after my dad (i look more like him anyways)
1 of my sisters got the marks like me (a short one who also looks like dad) and another one of my sisters had none, she is a tall sister who looks more like mom.

And in case that was confusing, I have 3 sisters. 2 tall ones (look like mom) and oldest sister and myself are short and rounder and look like dad.

But anyways, I tried the coco butter and oil on my belly with DD1 and I still got a bad tummy. I didn't do anything with the last two kids I didn't see that point, but hey my boobs still look pretty good, lol.

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My BBS are the worst- they look even worse when I loose weight, like empty sacks with lines down them, right now the pg has made them plump back up and they look better.. haha... scared for what baby #2 will do to them- hopefulyl they wont get so incredibly big- last time I had trouble BF'ing with these monsters so I'm hoping I just dont gain as much weight, in my belly, butt, or BBS, haha
That makes sense about how you carry the baby- I dont think I carried really big or very far foward- mostly length-wise