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I tried to find the thread that we were talking about symptoms but I can't find it.

So I shall vent right here.....OMG the headaches! Its almost everyday I have a headache that just won't go away. I was pretty nauseous but the past couple days I haven't had much nausea so that's good.

The worst it seems is how tired I am all day but then when I get ready to go to bed (normally at 9 cause i'm tired) I can't sleep. All of a sudden its like I'm wide awake and I toss and turn and i'm awake 1/2 the night ugh its a horrible cycle. I feel like my body is confused tired all day awake at night Sad

Oh my gosh and I'm so irritable the little things can get me agitated for no real reason. Which is so not my personality at all.

How are you all doing? For those mama's with more than one, does this pregnancy feel different than the others? This one feels kind of different than my DD pregnancy my co-workers are convinced i'm having a boy Smile

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I was the same as you with tiredness, I was exhausted all day but couldn't get to sleep at night. My nausea got bad enough that I had to go get something for it, which I've never had to do before, it has unisom in it and I take it before bed so it has helped me get some good restful nights sleep. My headaches get worse later in pregnancy, I was (and still am a bit) super irritable too a couple weeks ago, all my symptoms seem to be calming down a bit now though, hope thats a good thing and not a bad sign. So far this pg is more similar to DS1 in intensity of symptoms, but both were boys and both were similar but still different.

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ACNE. Worst thing in my life right now.
And my mood- I'm so "happy" yet Im raging @ everyone and easily annoyed.
Sooo tired- but cant get to sleep at night or stay asleep, and can't stop havin crazy dreams
Had a little nausea but it went away- it's probably coming back soon.
The sore BBS finally kicked in.
So far- the same as DS is the acne- I remember being sicker by now though- I think, dry heaving all morning but so far I'm just starving now.

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I don't have much for symptoms so far.

I'm tired, but I can't sleep or stay asleep. I've been waking up at about 5am and tossing and turning.
Crazy dreams. Last night I dreamt my mom died. That was less than awesome.
My feelings are hurt more easily than usual. I'm sensitive.
I'm hungry!

I'm loving this part of pregnancy. I've had food aversions with both of my other pregnancies and morning sickness with my last one. I was pretty surprised by how different my pregnancies were when they were both girls, but my first pregnancy involved progesterone supplementation. That may have kept my levels more steady so that's why I wasn't sick? Or maybe my last pregnancy was a fluke with the wretched m/s? I hope so!!!! We'll see what happens in about a week. :S I generally don't have much for early symptoms until I hit the 6 week mark.

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I'm uber tired! I can sleep all day and still feel tired. I've been getting a real deep sleep which isn't usual for me. I'm usually a light sleeper. Also today I feel nauseous but I'm hoping it doesn't last. I didn't get any morning sickness with DD and I got it pretty bad with DS. I'm also super irritable and turn into some enraged cash person on the drop off a hat. I have a very low tolerance for anything right now. I'm also pretty hungry and nothing is satisfying. I feel like a cow LOL

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I've been fairly free of symptoms, but it could be because I have a hell of a cold and those symptoms are trumping everything else. Friday morning I had the cold, MS, and a headache but it went away thankfully.

Andrea-My sleep has been the same. I feel like I'm super tired, but can't sleep. I've been blaming DH because he is sick too and SNORING like crazy. Plus DD is sick and has been waking at night. But even when I CAN sleep (yesterday, my mom came up to help with Erin), I just can't get into a good sleep. My doctor's office told me I could take sudafed for the cold and some benadryl at night to help sleep. I took one last night, and I guess it worked a little, but I was still up at 2AM, listening to DH....
And I think I didn't get any symptoms until 6 weeks or so last time too.

Today I am super tired, but it could be bc it's my first day back at work and I'm still fighting this cold.

Oh, and I am VERY irritable Sad

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I am much like you with the headaches and lack of sleep! It sucks. I have chronic migraines and am off my preventative in early pg so the increased headaches is no surprise and Tylenol does nothing to help them. I don't sleep well anyway I have insomnia and take meds to help me sleep but can't take them when pg. Plus being preggo makes me sleep like crap anyway. I hate tossing and turning all night!

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Last night was terrible. But again, I think it was cold related, or maybe a bit of both.

My FACE hurt. Not my head, but my FACE. Behind my eyes, my cheek bone (didn't help that Erin clocked me with her head!) and my teeth. All on my right side. I eventually took 2 non-aspirin pain relievers, and I "slept" with my face on a hot water bottle. The pain didn't go away until sometime between 3-6am.
It's actually still there, but not nearly as bad. I never had a sinus issues before, but I can't help to think this was more sinus related that PG. I called my regular doctor this morning and she's on vacation. Sad

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Deirdre- That definitely sounds like a sinus infection. I hope you can get into a doc soon!

Not much in the way of symptoms for me yet. Emotional and weepy and a little tired. Oh and gassy :oops: My symptoms usually pick up around the 5 1/2- 6 week mark. I'm ready for it since it helps me feel more confident.