Symtoms less?

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Symtoms less?

Does anyone have LESS symptoms now then they did before???

I feel like the first week I had no appetite at all and could barely eat... then that went away and now I'm a garbage truck basically eating everything in site...

Then last week I had the sorest hugest BBS ever....

And now.. I kinda feel...normal?? Still being a pig but probably more just because Im naughty... and BBS are tender and full but not on fire anymore... no nausea at all really except right when I wake up but its more of a small hunger/nausea (sorry I cant spell that word...IDK why... hahah)

Oh and the cramping stopped... I had really intense cramps for the first 10 days or so... now I just kinda have a backache..

Do symptoms come and go?? Worried me so I POAS this morning... haha thats my go-to relief I guess..

I haven't even hit 6 weeks yet so I'm hoping it just hasnt kicked in yet- As much as I hated M/S with Brody- it was reassuring!!

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Symptoms can definitely come and go with everything still growing alright. Try to just enjoy feeling good. Worrying doesn't help anything or anyone.

I feel pretty normal too. I'm more tired and eating like a garbage truck. I don't have sore boobs or nausea (well, except a bit if I get super hungry). I've had the energy to keep working out and carry on with normal life.

Personally I'd take feeling good to reassurance any day!!!! I was miserable and puking with Charlotte while taking care of Mina. I was on zofran then got soooo constipated as a s/e that I had to go through some pretty desperate methods to get release. It was awful. I cried a lot because I wasn't able to enjoy Mina for months since I was feeling like crap. I hope I don't get m/s this time. In 2-4 weeks I'll be able to listen to the heartbeat on the doppler for reassurance. That's why I bought one last pregnancy. It's awesome.

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Yes. I can tell my symptoms are lessening or coming and going. My main symptoms have been fatige and sore boobs. The fatigue seems to be getting a little better and the other comes and goes.

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Haha I still have on pg test left and its sitting front and center in my medicine cabinet and numerous times I've thought I should just take that for giggles. I've held off far Smile

My symptoms are less. I pretty much feel normal except very tender boobs and im still tired a lot and ready for bed by 9:30. My nausea went away the other day but like you im still eating like a mad person for no there reason than im just not stopping myself like I should be.

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Yep my symptoms have always taken turns being bad and then being almost gone before they come right back. I have heard the theory that your hcg plateaus for a few days and your symptoms lessen then it starts rising again and they come back. My cramps were much less last week but the dull ache is back this week. And my nausea is still quite present but I am able to eat more this week.

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I kinda wish my m/s would ease up a bit. But I do remember with my last pregnancy feeling good and it almost felt wrong. I too have a doppler bought during my 1st pregnancy I will be glad when I can use it !!!

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I know symptoms can be scary when they come and go. You are still pretty early though, with DS2 my nausea didn't kick in until 7 weeks (DS1 and this time it started at 5 weeks). My boobs apparently have no feeling because they are never sore, not during O, PMS, AF or pg, they never bother me except obviously when I'm BFing and they're engorged. My nausea is better the past few days, which is nice and at the same time worrisome. Blum 3 Why can't we all just be happy excited positive preggos who don't over-analyze or freak out over every little thing?

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My cramping has mostly stopped (yay) but I still feel like im gonna puke most of the time Sad

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My symptoms have definitely lessened, despite the crazy amount of supplemental hormones I'm taking.
The only one that has gotten a little worse is the m/s (which can be attributed to said crazy amount of hormones) and my stinkin' backache.

Everything else is either the same or better than it was. Or some symptoms (I'm talking to you sore BBS!) reappear for a day or hours and then take off again. I've had several ultrasounds since the mysterious symptom disappearances, and the little bean's heart is still chugging along, so thankfully there doesn't seem to be a correlation between lessening symptoms and our LO's wellbeing!