Taking vitamins before conception reduces M/S?

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Taking vitamins before conception reduces M/S?

Has anyone heard that taking prenatals or a b6 vitamin before you conceive helps reduce the chances of M/S???

I thought it was pretty interesting- because RIGHT after I found out I was pregnant with DS I had really bad M/S and it continued til at least the 2nd trimester...

So far, I havent really had any nausea at all, so sometimes that worries me.

However, I read that if you take vitamins or b6 before you conceive that it greatly reduces your chances of getting M/S...and thats interesting because I've been taking vitamins for the last year or so while TTC..

Anyone noticed a difference?? If you took vitamins, do you have bad M/S? If you didn't- do you??

I started to think about my friends- and my friend who didnt even take prenatels until 6 weeks pregnant had the worst M/S of us all...and how my friend whose always just taken prenatels never gets any m/s...

Kind of interesting!!!

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I had been taking mine on and off for a few months before getting pg, and was taking them rather regularly in the month or two right before getting my bfp, and this is the sickest I've been.

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I didn't take vitamins with my DD and didn't start taking my prenatal until like 5 weeks but I didn't have much m/s and I didn't have much nausea when i did have it it wasn't horrible. This time I try to remember to take my prenatal but i've missed a few days (oops) and I had nausea all day long for 3-4 days, this week though it seems to have gone away. Oh and no vitamins this time either. Compared to other people talking about m/s and nausea mine is very minimal. I haven't has m/s like throwing up at all this time.

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I didn't have m/s with my first pregnancy and had been taking prenatals for years.
I had terrible m/s with my second and had still been taking prenatals, but not as religiously.
So far I don't have m/s with this pregnancy (though it could still be too early) and I didn't start taking vitamins until after my BFP.

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Hmmm...that's very interesting. I've never heard that before but I was taking prenatals before I got pg both times and didn't have ms with DS and haven't had it this time either.

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Well hm... so far there goes that theory!!!
Amber- Im thinking you just have it bcuz its a girl Smile

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Ive been on prenatals since before I got pg with my 10 month old and I am pretty darn nauseous.