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tested this am at dpo and got this:

and another pic tweaked:

Line showed by 3 min mark. It's darker in real life. I am thrilled and scared to death at the same time. Please pray this one sticks! I can't take any more losses. My due date according to O is Oct 31st so I'm just barely in Oct!

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How have your previous pregnancies been? Do you generally go early or late? I would think after 5 there would be a tendency to go early. But what do I know? I was #5 and 2 weeks late Smile

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OMG Belinda!!! That is so awesome!!! I am definitely praying for you and your little bean!!

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YAAAAAAAAAAY!! Omg!! yayyyy!!!! You're like BFP queen!!!

I was gonna ask how many DPO but saw your ticker... hehehe...
You made it til day 11?? Pretty proud of you!!! I swore I was gonna wait til AF was late this cycle but failed- it's just too hard to wait!!! hehe!!

So excited!!! Yayay!! I'm hoping October/November is all of our lucky months!!

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There was no tweaking required with that pic! Congrats!!! I hope you get to stay in Oct this time Biggrin

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Thanks ladies!!
Deirdre- I've been induced 1-2 weeks early with all my kids for various reasons. Polyhydramnios with DS and DS5. Gestational diabetes with DS3 and DS4. And DS2 was just big. He was 9lbs 3oz at 37 weeks 6 days. Would love to go on my own this time but just never seems to work out!

Cait- LOL, I tried to hold out! DH said "I thought you were waiting to test?". I told him I did wait. Last month I tested at 10dpo Wink

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Congratulations!!! That's a definite BFP. Biggrin I waited until......8dpo this time. Lol You should be proud of yourself for waiting until 11dop.

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Oh wow! Super congrats! I will be sending sticky vibes your way!!

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Congrats belinda! Praying for a sticky bean for you! :party::party:

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hehehe- Belinda- I tested @9dpo this time, I just couldnt help myself.. kinda sucks because then time seems to go even slower.. hehehe... It'll be one week ago tonight that I tested- bahahah feels like a month!!!!!

I really don't want to be induced this time either- last time I was sooooo late with DS... so you'll probably end up before me :):) induced or not- either way, as long as we have babies we will be HAPPPPPPPY!!!!!!!

Ps. are you going to go get blood tests again???

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Haven't decided on the blood work yet. If the next 2 days of tests get darker(they didn't last month), then I may skip it. But then again, it would be nice to have the reassurance. I have been feeling a lot more crampy/achy this time which is how I felt with all the boys. Didn't feel that last month either so I'm hoping it's a good sign. Snuggle in LO!!

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Belinda!! Congrats on your BFP!! Sending you lots of ((((((stickyvibes))))))

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That is a def BFP! Congrats and tons of sticky vibes your way!

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Congrats and best of luck!!! Your family looks so cute in your siggy.

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Congrats Belinda! I'll be praying for a sticky baby for you.

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OMG congrats Belinda! Looks like we get to share a bb for a 3rd time!!! This is your baby. I just know it! Welcome to October!