Thursday Appt

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Thursday Appt

I just realized I haven't been on here to update about my appt I had on Thursday. We went in for phase one of the sequential screen and saw the Dr. after.

The ultra sound was good. The baby was jumping around all over. So funny to watch. The heart beat was 160. My dr. and I still have some discrepency about my due date. She's 5 days later than I am but I'm going with my bc we only dtd once when I could have gotten pg but she is going off my first dating u/s. I don't get it but whatever. My first u/s put my dd at Oct 17 my second u/s put me at Oct 12. Oct 12 makes perfect sense becasue if I went by when we dtd it put me at Oct 10 - 2 days is reasonable for sperm to live and if I o'd within 48 hrs of dtd it would be Oct 12. So....I'm going with that.

Hopefully at my 20 wk if I'm still measuring ahead of the 17th she'll move it. It wouldn't be as big of deal but I'm having a repeat c/s and it would affect when we schedule it for.

All in all a good appt!!

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Love to hear about the good appointments and the wiggling babies. I can't wait till our babies are big enough that we can just feel them moving. If you have fertile CM, sperm can live for several days in it. If you don't track your cycles, it will be hard to know the exact conception date. Fortunately, babies don't abide by our "due dates" anyway. They have their own schedules.

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Sounds like the u/s went well! I understand about the 5 days that bugged me too. I had no real idea when my lmp was or when I conceived but from when tested + I knew I should at least be so far along. But my first scan had me 5 days behind where I knew I should be at the least. My 2nd scan put me forward 5 days though and she changed my edd. For me they don't want me going past 39 wks bc of my high bp so 5 days could make a big difference.

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Yay for a good appointment. With my dd, my dates never matched up and since we did a repeat voluntary c-sec, I always felt bad scheduling it when we did. My dd measured small and it made sense that she was a week earlier than my EDD, (by when we dtd and how little she was), but my dr wouldn't move the EDD and I believe that my dd was born at 38 weeks, not 39. Not a big deal, but I've always felt guilty about it.