Time for another check in!

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Time for another check in!

Since I believe we are all past the halfway point now (yay!) I figured it was time for another check-in.


SO Name/Age:

How far along are you:

Any other children/how old:

Due date:

When's your next appt?:

Team Pink, Blue or Green?:

Names yet?:

How are you feeling?:



Happy thoughts:

Cranky vent:

What have you bought recently?:

Anything else you want to add?:

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Name/Age: Dawn/33

SO Name/Age: Greg/33

How far along are you: 22 weeks

Any other children/how old: Josh/3 (will be 4 around the time of my delivery - his bd is Oct 22 and I'm due Oct 24)

Due date: October 24

When's your next appt?: Follow-up U/S on July 5 and OB check-up July 11

Team Pink, Blue or Green?: PINK! Smile

Names yet?: We have a good list going.... We need to make a decision!

How are you feeling?: I'm feeling big and tired. It's going to be a LONG summer.

Cravings: I'm not craving too much, but I do love some Mexican! Smile

Aversions: Peanut Butter and Pasta (weird I know!)

Happy thoughts: I can't wait to start getting the nursery decorated and set up. I'm also so excited for all of the girly stuff this time around.

Cranky vent: It's been 95+ degrees here for the past several days. IT SUCKS!

What have you bought recently?: Nothing. I purchased to little newborn knit hats from Etsy a few weeks ago and that's been my only purchase thus far.

Anything else you want to add?: I'm having agirl.I'm having a girl.I'm having a girl. LOL I have to keep telling myself that, because it doesn't seem real yet.

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Name/Age: Regan / 34

SO Name/Age: Jason / 32

How far along are you: 23 weeks

Any other children/how old: DS/ 4 yo

Due date: Oct 17 but will have a scheduled c/s sometime between then 5th - 10th

When's your next appt?: Next thurs the 29th

Team Pink, Blue or Green?: PINK!

Names yet?: Nothing definite

How are you feeling?: Feeling good - just huge already.

Cravings: Chocolate and pizza.

No real aversions

Happy thoughts:
Getting excited to meet this little girl. It's going so fast!

Cranky vent: No

What have you bought recently?: A bunch of clothes at a garage sale, a video monitor, crib sheets

Anything else you want to add?:
Can't think of anything. Smile

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Name/Age:Andrea/33 (as of yesterday)

SO Name/Age:Jon/32

How far along are you:22.5 weeks

Any other children/how old:Mina/4.5 and Charlotte/2.5

Due date:October 22 or 24

When's your next appt?:July 6th for my 24 week check-up

Team Pink, Blue or Green?:Blue!

Names yet?:Simon Henry, a name we picked about 6 years ago

How are you feeling?:Pretty great most of the time other than some back pain

Cravings:Everything. I'm super hungry!


Happy thoughts:My girls have been so darn cute and snuggly lately. It's crazy that at one point in life I was about ready to give up on having even one kid and now I'm happily expecting my third. I'm so blessed!

Cranky vent:I am soooo sick of people questioning whether I should be exercising as hard as I do at the gym. My OB has given his blessing and I do hold off on certain exercises. They need to mind their own business!

What have you bought recently?:I've gone crazy buying clothes and diapers. Now we're looking into nursery bedding and decor, but I haven't come to any decisions yet. We're also going to redo the girls' room and combine them together so that's creating some shopping too.

Anything else you want to add?: I find it hilarious that the baby kicks the girls on the butt when they sit on my lap.

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Name/Age: Amber/25

SO Name/Age: Chris/36

How far along are you: Almost 26 weeks

Any other children/how old: Mason/3 & Isaac/22 months

Due date: Oct 1

When's your next appt?: Not until July 16 I think

Team Pink, Blue or Green?: Blue

Names yet?: Boyd Matthew, which is locked in for sure now because DS1 has been calling him by that Biggrin

How are you feeling?: A little cranky, a lot tired, very sweaty, huge lol

Cravings: Sugar always

Aversions: Nothing really

Happy thoughts: Third trimester is almost here! I just looked at my ticker and I'm down to 100 days!!!

Cranky vent: I feel like a grody whale! My skin sucks, my hair is a wreck, my weight is through the roof, I just feel huge and gross

What have you bought recently?: Diapers, diapers and more diapers! But I'm almost done my stash now.

Anything else you want to add?: We are moving in 5 weeks and I have no energy or motivation to get off my butt and start packing.

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Name/Age: Chaise/ 26

SO Name/Age: Justin/ 30

How far along are you: 23 Weeks

Any other children/how old: Hailey/ 21 Months

Due date: October 20th

When's your next appt?: Wednesday Smile And I get another ultrasound because they couldn't get pictures of her heart

Team Pink, Blue or Green?: Pink!!!

Names yet?: Alexis Mae L.

How are you feeling?: Pretty good actually tired like normal, the heartburn is horrible. I get heartburn from almost anything

Cravings: Anything and everything!!!!!! I am hungry all the time. I am in love with grilled burritos though, hmmm I really want one now. One week i really wanted tomatoes.

Aversions: nothing really. we have some customers at work though that smell so bad and its so strong now that I can't help them

Happy thoughts: Ultrasound Wednesday...then our 3d/4d ultrasound on the 14th

Cranky vent: DD is liking to test the limits now a days. Work is really driving me crazy especially with the change over

What have you bought recently?: I bought matching outfits for DD and the baby yesterday. I got the nursery painted and the wall decal up yesterday. Our next purchase will be a dresser and a mattress for the crib then I need curtains.

Anything else you want to add?:

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Name/Age: Deirdre/37

SO Name/Age: Matt/35

How far along are you:23 weeks tomorrow

Any other children/how old: Erin/2

Due date: October 22/23. Currently scheduled for c/s on the 18th

When's your next appt?: July 6

Team Pink, Blue or Green?: BLUE!

Names yet?: Nothing settled on, but I'm pushing for Brady Matthew

How are you feeling?: I have good days and bad, but OK overall

Cravings: Spicy food, soda, and this weekend, cookies

Aversions:None really

Happy thoughts: Baby is kicking a lot and starting to be able to feel it from the outside. Can't wait for Erin to feel her brother saying Hi!

Cranky vent: sometimes, when I am just done, I hate having to ask DH for help. Why can't he just offer? Also, my co-worker, who I generally get along with, is preggo and is a miserable witch. I wish she would just stay home until the baby is born!

What have you bought recently?: Just bought bedding. 1st real purchase. Very excited!

Anything else you want to add?: I never thought the summer heat would effect me as much as it is. It's going to be a long summer!

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Name/Age:Michelle, 28 (29 in 2 weeks)

SO Name/Age:Matt, 30

How far along are you:23 weeks

Any other children/how old:Presley, 4 and Deegan, 2

Due date:Oct 19th/20th

When's your next appt?:July 6th

Team Pink, Blue or Green?:Team pink x2

Names yet?:Avery Harper and Kennedy Marie

How are you feeling?:HORRIBLE! I feel like I'm 40 weeks already! My hips and back are killing me and I feel like these babies are going to fall out of my crotch. Also everything is being pushed up into my ribs and I'm getting kicks in the ribs which has never happened with my other pregnancies.

Cravings:Different every day. Mostly ice cream at night.

Aversions:Nothing really

Happy thoughts:Friday I will be 24 weeks! My 1st goal reached! My 2nd is 28 weeks!

Cranky vent:Way too much to list but bed rest is horrid!

What have you bought recently?:Nothing recently but I just got some bows and cars seat canopies in the mail that I ordered off Etsy a while ago.

Anything else you want to add?:Im so blessed to be having twins but I'm soooo glad this is my last pregnancy!

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Name/Age:Sarah /28

SO Name/Age:Jesse /27

How far along are you:25 weeks

Any other children/how old:Gracie-9 and Conner 3

Due date:October6th However Ob as already changed it to Sept29th , so I guess I am 26 weeks than!

When's your next appt?:This thursday for another Sono

Team Pink, Blue or Green?: Team pink for both babies Smile

Names yet?: Callie and more than likely Madeline middles names possibly Elizabeth and Sue not sure who will get what middle name

How are you feeling?:My body hurts, I can't get comfortable at night I seriously feel 9 months pregnant . But atleast the m/s is totally gone

Cravings:everything my latest as been oreos yummy!


Happy thoughts:Love feeling these two move in side of my its an awesome feeling to feel 2 babies

Cranky vent:Just tired all the time wish I could just snap my fingers and have the next 8 weeks fly by than I would be super close to having them Sad so worried about having the babies super early.

What have you bought recently?: I have bought nothing ,my mom has bought quite a few packs of diapers. And my cousin brought over 6 garbage bags of baby girl clothes newborn-12 months and a nice baby swing. i had already decided my girls will only match on special occasions so this works out nice!

Anything else you want to add?: Friday my twin nephews will be born !!!!

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Name/Age: Cait/25

SO Name/Age: Kevin/25

How far along are you: 22 weeks

Any other children/how old: Brody 3.5

Due date: Oct 26th

When's your next appt?: July 13th I think

Team Pink, Blue or Green?: PINK!! OMG

Names yet?: Im torn.. I LOVE Paisley but Kevin doesnt. We BOTH like Abigail but Im scared bcuz its so popular.. Kinzie or Mara are OK.. IDK!!!

How are you feeling?: Good- except acid reflux and horrible back pain.

Cravings: Well I need to start craving fruit and salad and water.

Aversions: Trying to not eat fatty foods, but they sound good! haha

Happy thoughts: Getting married in 3 days?!

Cranky vent: Stressed out!! Face/back is breaking out so bad. Back hurts. Feel fat and pale.

What have you bought recently?: CLOTHES! haha.. Found a lot of great shape used clothes so Im pretty pumped for being "frugal" and then way too many new clothes and shoes!!

Anything else you want to add?: I cant believe I'm having a girl either! And... I need to stop gaining so much weight!!