a tip I had forgotten about

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a tip I had forgotten about

I just remembered that with DS1, I had terrible heartburn, nad the prenatal vitamins bothered me tremendously and made me feel ill so that I couldn't eat. I started taking them at night before bed instead of in the morning. That way, I would be asleep, and it didn't bother me. It worked.

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My doctor was saying that, for the most part, pregnant women and their digestive track (from top to bottom) don't react well to prenatal vitamins. They do a number on me, to the point that I don't take them, just folic acid and my doctor said it was just fine. Even flintstones mess me up pretty badly. Anyway, my doc said not to worry too much about it until around 28 weeks or so and then take an iron supplement.

Good tip, by the way, I remember doing this with dd.

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I've always taken mine then as well. I feel awful if I do it during the day. Great tip!

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I don't take prenatals any more. I take a women's daily. It has 400 IU of folic acid, so it's fine. I don't have an iron problem as long as I eat red meat once or twice a week and cook on my cast iron regularly.

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Good tip that is what I have been doing ! My prenatals made me sick so did flinstones. So I found these Gummy ones at walmart and so far they are pretty good and don't make me sick. I have trouble rememebering my vitamins sometimes.